Sunday, August 23, 2009

North Carolina

We were lucky enough to spend a week in No Carolina with our family for Rueben's graduation. After spending a couple of days in Winston-Salem we traveled to Kitty Hawk and spent 5 days in a beach house. It was amazing!!!! Our days were spent sleeping in, playing on the beach, playing in the ocean, shopping and spending time together. The kids loved playing with their cousins, Andrew loved being able to hang out with his brothers and I loved being able to see my family so happy and enjoying our time away.

Sweet little Isa has been asking to get her ears pierced, lucky for us Criseida waited til we could all be there to see her. She was such a big girl and didn't even cry. Bree and Kait have been begging me to get a 2nd hole, I gave in on the trip. So all 3 girls got their ears pierced. I think though Isa was the bravest!!!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round that is in the mall. Seriously it could take 3 days to walk thru this mall, its huge. Unfortunately all the the guys were with us so we werent able to spend as much time there as we may have wanted. Maybe next time.......

Nights at the beach house were spent playing games and watching movies(movies that Sam and Isa picked out!!) We laughed and laughed some more, ate good food and just enjoyed being together as a family

Kait and Isa showing off their lips after applying lip gloss for 5 mins!! Our kids loved their time with their sweet cousins.

North Carolina is so incredibly green. The drive to the beach house was awesome-- to see the different types of trees, the silk worms in the trees and cars parked on the side of the roads??? It was wierd, I have never seen so many cars just sitting there--not sure why??

Bree and Kaitlyn with their boogie boards. The kids had so much fun playing in the ocean and riding the waves. The last day we were there, the waves were huge due to the fact that Hurricane Bill was on his way. One of the times the kids were in the water, Kaitlyn let out a huge scream and came running into shore, I guess she had looked behind her at the wave and it was full of hundreds of little fish, scared the poor girl. Didn't take long and she was right back out in the water.

Rueben and Criseida at graduation. We are so proud of Rueben and his accomplishment, also of Criseida for giving a 110% at supporting Benny and taking care of their sweet family. Good job, you two. We love you guys so much. And I have to say hope that one day you decide to move closer to Utah, we miss you too much!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Congraduations Emilie!!

Emilie is definately our spotlight child for the week. She graduated from both Seminary and High School! We are very proud of you sweetie and I know we can continue to expect great things from you.

Seminary Graduation

What an awesome family. Thanks so much to Eric and his family for attending this special day. Seeing them brings a smile to my face.

My parents were there for the celebrations as well. Thanks guys!

A very special thanks to Karen and Bill. They opened up their home and presented a delicous meal. It was a very fun time and everyone went home stuffed! Truly, I look at times like these and realize how fortunate we are with the family we have.

Here's one with Grandpa Wayne. I snapped this one off a little bit early and i'm glad I did. I just love how cute Emilie is. Seeing how happy she was takes me back to my graduation; feelings of near invincibility, and ambition.

" Andrew and mom you're so great. Everything i've ever done good in my life is because of you both. I will never ever ever ever be able to possibly repay you, but when i'm rich I hope the multiple houses and spa like daily treatment will reflect my appreciation."
-Love, Emilie

One down and three to go.
Emilie received a lot of advice from numerous speakers during her graduation. I'm sure it'll serve her well with what's ahead, however, I'm hear to tell you something.
Emilie what you possess is seldom learned, and if so it's attained in a lifetime. You embody so many qualities at such a young age that I am jealous. Looking at you in these pictures I think of the dedication and passion you show in life. It does my heart well to know that I had a part in that, even if a small one. I know how impressionable I was at your age, and how my brother impacted me in my own goals. The greatest gift I feel you gave us wasn't that coveted piece of paper, but that you paved the way for your little sisters and brother. You have shown them that if you want something then make it happen. We love you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Emilie Graduation Pics

Reno Volleyball Tournament

Paige and Breanna went to Reno for a huge volleyball tournament. Paige was playing chaperone to the team, amongst other duties.. READ ON.

Here's our little player, or as she would say "playa".

You ever get the feeling you're being watched? Seriously, I bet these guys thought christmas came early. The one on the far left is Eric's brother, Jorge.

Coach Paige. She cooks, she cleans, she coaches volleyball? That's right she does it all. In case you're wondering why she's coaching well... the next pic explains it all. Pretend that instead of Breanna being in the picture it's an official.

Scooter seems to have anger issues. Then again coaching a 16's volleyball team will do that to you.

Breanna and some of the team at least.
The team took 25th out of 192 teams!!!! Grats girls on a job well done.

Emilie's Prom '09

Well a bunch of girls decided to not let their lazy counterparts dictate how they were gonna spend prom. Good on ya girls.

Having fun at the Union Station

Bryson's Surgery

Bryson had a surgery repair for a hernia. Needless to say he wasn't happy about the ordeal.

With facial expressions like these and walking around the house with a walking stick he really milked the sympathy. Everything with the surgery went well, and he's all healed up. Not to mention he has a cool scar to show the chicks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bucket O' Balls

Paige, Bryson, and myself were lucky enough to get out for a bit. It's been quite a while since I swung a club.. needless to say my form could use some improvement.

Bryson is quite the golfer. He's all proper in his approach. He told me on the range that I need to start off with my smaller clubs and work up. My thoughts on the subject are that I want to hit the little ball really far.

Paige played moderator most of the time. Me and Bryson were throwing down bets of who could hit the closest to the pole and making fun of each other when we shanked the ball. Granted I shanked it more than he did, but boy a crisp clean hit makes it all worthwhile.

Paige had the opportunity to try out her new clubs. Thanks again Steve! She hits really well with them. We still need to get her a driver and putter though. She was using Bryson's driver and it seemed to be the right size. If anyone knows of a deal, hook me up.